• QikPod Cube

    Intelligent Parcel Storage & Retrieving Solution

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    Optimized Storage Solutions & Configurable to Specific Needs

    Our cutting-edge technology eliminates your parcel management problems. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most secure and convenient to use parcel management solutions that are modular and easy to install.

    • Easy outdoor deployment with improved operational and space efficiency

    • 24/7 accessibility for drop and pick up of parcels.

    • Enhanced customer experience.

    • Store more parcel/sqft when compared to static lockers.

    • Track weight and dimension along with QR code to ensure delivery of the right parcel.

    • Integrate with existing mobile apps/ custom apps to enhance customer experience.

    • Reduce carbon footprint and enable late-night deliveries / off-peak hour deliveries.

  • Why Choose QikPod Robot?

    Robots can help you gain customers, save costs and serve them efficiently

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    Unrivalled Density

    Maximum of SKUs per m² at a minimum height

    Maximising space to grow item ranges significantly

    Real time stock keeping

    Suitable for densely populated urban locations

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    Lightning Speed

    Consistently fast & robust warehouse processes

    High-speed pick up and drop  

    Reduction of picking and drop errors

    Increases operational efficiency

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    Flexible & Customisable

    Grow on the Go: the plug & play system

    Fully customisable to your needs

    Easy to install and disassemble

    Integrate with a fleet of AGVs

  • Technology

    Scale securely with our hardware agnostic platform

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    Easy to use cloud platform with high level of security and efficiency

    Innovative cloud-based software, secure APIs, and QikPod parcel storage solutions work together to power the end-to-end delivery solution.

    • Locker Remote Control & Management APIs
    • User Data Management APIs
    • Package Management and Tracking APIs
    • APIs for integrating with custom applications
    • Reporting and Analytics