• How we make curb-side pick up efficient ?

    Processing of curb-side orders made hasel free & cost efficient

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    Delight your customers with Curb-side deliveries at speed

    • Manage orders in real time.
    • Save time on sorting and delivery.
    • Optimise storage & Manage inventory.
    • Reduced delivery bottlenecks, resulting in optimised staffing
    • Contact free online order & pick up
    • Automated notification for customers to pick up
    • Future ready, Integrate with AGV to automate entire process
  • How It Works

    Provide a Secure, Curb-side pick up experience with QikPod Parcel Management Solutions


    Order Online

    Store receives online order and QR Code is generated. 


    Process & drop

    Store process the order &

    scan QR code to drop parcel



    User receives notification

    with unique QR Code



    User scan the QR

    to receive parcel.

  • Benefits

    Robots can help you gain customers, save costs and serve them efficiently

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    Customer Experience

    On time and contact less deliveries

    enhance customer satisfaction

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    Brand Loyalty

    Improved and innovative shopping experience

    leads to higher customer retention

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    Low-Cost Delivery

    Save cost on inventory management

    and work force deployment