• Setting Up Nano Warehouse Made Easy

    Easy to install and operate nano warehouse solutions, 

    customised to suit your business needs 

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    Set up dark stores in less than 48 hrs

    • Manage orders in real time.
    • Save time on sorting and SKU management.
    • Optimise storage & Inventory Management.
    • Micro inventory hub, close to production facility.
    • Can be installed in hazards environments and clean rooms
    • 24/7 access to inventory
    • operationally less labor intensive
  • How It Works

    Provide a Secure, Curb-side pick up experience with QikPod Parcel Management Solutions



    Raw material and sub-system components are sorted and stored on arrival 



    Authorised personals

    order parts, based on

    production plan



    System checks for ordered

    parts and notification

    is sent for pickup



    User scan the QR

    to retrieve all the

    ordered parts.

  • Benefits

    Join us for these amazing benefits.

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    For Management

    Inventory Tracking

    Safe & Secure

    Data for efficiently planning

    inventory management

    Save cost on inventory loss

    and operational staff

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    For Production Managers

    Undistracted employees

    No storage space required

    No pilferage disputes

    24/7 access to inventory

    Avoid downtime due to

    inventory shortage